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Initially we were a bit skeptical of the no more rack deal site’s claims. We are pleased to report that they’ve completely improved the experience! One of the biggest and most frequent complaints about NMR was that they took forever to ship any products to the customer. But that has been remedied and they now offer guaranteed 48 hour shipping on your products. We can confirm that ordering from the site is secure and reliable. To sign up, click the button below. To see our original review, scroll down and you can see what we originally had to say.

Just check out some of the community reviews on our site. You’ll see a couple negatives, and I think that’s par for the course for most online shopping sites. However, consider the sharp increase of positive reviews out there! Many people email our site to tell us about their experience. Most of them these days are very glowing. People seem to always be most impressed by the fast shipping provided by Here’s just one of the latest reviews we’ve seen:

I must say I was a little skeptical in purchasing from Nomorerack as there are so many skams online, however I took a chance and made my very first purchase 2 weeks ago.  First of all I never received a confirmation e-mail with my tracking number so I was real worried so I contacted customer service only to find out that they could not find any orders for me under that e-mail so I then e-mailed customer service again and provided my other e-mails I use and still no orders under any of my e-mails so by now I am panicking thinking my card had been comprimised or what not.      I received another e-mail requesting the last 3 digits of the credit card used, name, amount, and date it was charged so I responded back with the information they requested and I received  a response with my tracking number.  I am so impressed with the customer service I received.  Each e-mail I sent was responded to in less than 24 hours which is very outstanding customer service. I will definitely make several more purchases on this site.  I\’m not sure why other people are giving Nomorerack negative reviews because I had the best experience with them than I have ever had with any other sites I\’ve made purchases from.  Thanks Nomorerack for truly providing outstanding customer service!


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 is an online flash deal site that specializes in offering only a few products at steep discounts.  Every once in a while they’ll offer a very hot item such as an iPad or even huge flat panel TV’s and PlayStation3 gaming consoles.  These unbeatable deals are somewhat difficult to come by since they are few and far between. calls the hot item deals “Insanity Deals.”  This is likely because the deals are insane, such as an iPad for less than $50.  I’ve actually seen several of these Insanity Deals come available using some Internet browser tricks.  But they do sell out fast.

In addition to the Insanity Deals on, you can score some good deals on other products such as watches, jewelry, designer clothing, electronics, and eve some smaller kitchen appliances.  I am on the website multiple times per day and it does appear that they have quite a few items from time to time that seem like great deals.  These items are in more abundant supply and sometimes won’t sell out until late afternoon.  All new deals are updated live on the site at Noon, Eastern time.

If you’re a penny pincher and a sucker for a great deal, chances are you’ll find some really great specials at  Online shopaholics and mommy penny pinchers or extreme couponers will absolutely love the low prices on unique items offered daily.  New daily deals go live at noon every day.  The site has been reviewed by some pretty noteworthy web review sites such as sitejabber.

Unbiased breakdown of NoMoreRack

If you’ve been looking for the very best place to score some pretty incredible deals on the hottest electronics, fashion, and other shopping essentials, but have been let down time after time after time, you are nowhere near alone.

In fact come some estimates suggest that online shopping has become one of the biggest enterprises the world has ever seen – a multibillion-dollar world getting bigger each and every single year. That being said, only a handful of reliable and reputable retailers truly exist and dominate the marketplace is completely – cutting up the middlemen and small guys time after time.

NoMoreRack looks to change all of that completely, by evening the playing field and giving you nearly instant access to some of the most unbeatable deals you’ll ever find – all with two dollar flat shipping part item.

You’ve never seen anything quite like this before.

What exactly is NoMoreRack anyways?

Absolutely hands down one of the most truly amazing deal websites on the planet, the truth of the matter is that describing NoMoreRack is almost impossible until you experience everything it has to offer.

Sure, the real “backbone” of the platform happens to be an online deals website (where you can score some fantastic prices on all of your favorite consumer goods), but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, they haven’t have world class and brand-new cell phones available for as little as $80 a pop (a nearly 73% savings off of what you’d usually pay), shoes, boots, and other pieces of fashion footwear for $36 (a nearly 76% savings), and all kinds of other electronics, fashion essentials, luxury pieces of gear, and lifestyle items that you’ll find at rock-bottom rates.

However, the real key to using NoMoreRack happens to be the amazingly simplified interface and user experience. Where most deal websites are a little bit like that misfit department store we all have in our local communities (you know, the one that offers absolutely amazing deals but you never really know what you’re going to find on the shelves from one week to another), you’ll be able to easily search, find, and even pre-plan to purchase specific items from NoMoreRack with just the click of a few buttons and punching in some keys into a search bar.

Unbiased NoMoreRack review

One of the best ways to find out whether or not a deals website is on the up and up – or if you should avoid it at all costs – is to check out what the web community has to say about that specific platform. The truth of the matter is that the web has completely and totally change the way we look at doing business in so many different areas, but none of them are more important than being able to get insider information (real, concrete information) from customers and clients that have used a specific service before we do so ourselves.

The overwhelming majority of NoMoreRack reviews published online – and with just a quick search you’ll find an absolute flood of them – are glowingly positive, people that have scored fantastic deals and rock-bottom prices on must-have electronics, fashion, and other consumer goods and just can’t wait to talk about it.

Seriously – just punch up your favorite web search engine right now (all you have to do is pause reading this specific article and open a new tab to do so) and search for NoMoreRack reviews and spend five or 10 minutes of your free time checking out everything that they have to say.

You’ll come away with a much deeper appreciation for exactly what NoMoreRack is able to bring to the table, specifically when it comes to their customer service department and the amazing breakthroughs in deals there able to produce on a regular basis.

Is there some big NoMoreRack scam going on out there?

This is probably the biggest question that you need to tackle before doing business with NoMoreRack, and a common one if there ever was one.

The reality is that people are at least a little bit leery about doing business with specific websites that aren’t “everyday names” – and who could blame them? There’s just too many different scammy websites out there looking to take advantage of regular folks just like you and I, separating them from their hard-earned money faster than you would have thought possible.

Luckily, NoMoreRack simply isn’t one of those kinds of websites – it’s as legitimate as they come. Wondering is NoMoreRack legit is certainly an understandable question probably squirreling around through your mind right now, but the truth of the matter is that this business is on the up and up – and they have the customer history, reputation, and tradition to prove it.

No, there is no big NoMoreRack scam going on out there – there just able to cut deals with specific content providers to leverage the very best prices around and offer them to you, passing on a considerable amount of savings at the exact same time.

What about NoMoreRack complaints?

Any time you are talking about diving headfirst into the consumer goods world, you’re going to find a number of “rotten eggs” in the basket, so to speak – and NoMoreRack is certainly no different than any other. There are a couple of NoMoreRack complaints that the customer service department works with time and time again – specifically in regards to whether or not the two dollar shipping on each and every item is really on the up and up, though there are a handful of other NoMoreRack complaints as well – but it’s nothing that should derail you from doing business with this specific platform.

If you’ve been searching high and low for the very best way to score fantastic products – high-end, expensive, and exciting products – at rock-bottom rates, then you need look no further than what NoMoreRack brings to the table. Far and away the very best of the deals websites on the web right now, at this is going to change your entire life (and the way you go about online shopping) completely – almost from the moment you begin trying it out.

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